Larry Millican League City Council
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Larry is a good man, I've always been impressed and appreciative of his dedication to this city. He is professional, committed and has kept an eye on things from the front row at every council meeting for years. He will be great for League City.
Comment by: Mike Lee

Larry's professional experience and civic volunteer participation segues into the ideal candidate to lead League City in a prosperous direction.
Comment by: Dennis OKeeffe

The ideal representative for the people of League City.
Larry understands the city, businesses and knows how important it is to have a representative that is looking at the best interest of the people he's representing. He's a familiar face at all the council meetings and workshops, so he knows the commitment that he will be taking on for the betterment of our city.
Comment by: Amy Losh

I'm voting for Larry!
I've known him for years - and his calm demeanor, sharp mind, people skills, and leadership experience will be a welcome change on our City Council. He has participated as a citizen rep on the Charter Board/Committee, and has attended numerous Council meetings, for many years now. So he will be able to hit the ground running, as an effective, accessible Councilmember. I'm very glad that he has decided to run, so that I can vote for him.
Comment by: Marie Havican

Several years ago as my term was winding down, and since I''''m always on the lookout for an exceptional candidate who can make a difference to League City, I had been seeing Larry Millican in the front row at meeting after meeting. He was doing as I did, by attending Council meetings and the Charter Review Committee, as a "student", seeing how Council members and Staff worked together, or not, and learning about the issues facing our City.

I went to his office and begged him to run for Council, but he already knew what a commitment Council is and he said he was not ready.

But now, thank goodness, Larry has now had enough of the Council shenanigans, and enough ''''learnin'''' that he is now ready!

Please read his "about me", because it is very seen by an educated observer.

Matter of fact, if someone recruits your help, please get involved. Better yet volunteer!
Comment by: Joanna Dawson

I have known Larry for 6 years. I knew his father through my job for many years and have discovered that Larry has the same honorable traits; he is honest, forthright, professional, driven and trustworthy to name a few. I met Larry through volunteering with his wife Monica for the Friends of League City Animal Shelter. Through my association with this organization, I have attended many City Council meetings in support of the League City Animal Shelter and what I have observed this year is appalling to say the least. It is amazing that these men and women who consider themselves as "champions" for the city, act in such a childish, embarrassing way. Larry is a professional; he understands that there is a resolution for every problem and that "brawling" and other lowlife behavior is not the answer. Larry has attended City Council meetings and workshops faithfully for the last 6 years and understands the inner workings of what it takes to run a city. Larry will make LEAGUE CITY proud
Comment by: Cookie Shaneyfelt

Great negotiator striving to reach a fair resolution for all parties. I have known Larry for many years and he is a man of his word will work effectively for the people of League City.
Comment by: Denise Elvir Meyer

Serving League City runs in the family. Larry's wife, Monica, has also done much for our city.
Comment by: Mafalda Faillace

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