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About Me

Larry and Monica Millican are long time League City residentsBoth my wife, Monica, and I are native Houstonians, a rare bird as our region has grown.  We have enjoyed living in League City since 1985 and will celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary next year.  We have been blessed to have a home on Clear Lake which we share with a bunch of foster cats from the League City Animal Shelter.
My first career was in the retail grocery business, where I managed stores with many employees.  Being adept at inspiring and mentoring a team of workers, I was able to enhance productivity, profitability and customer service in each store.  To do this required exceptional relationship building skills targeted at ensuring teamwork, and then having the ability to motivate and energize a team of, mostly hourly wage employees, to make the most of their capabilities.  
After retiring from Kroger I took over Pegasus Property Management, and built Pegasus into the largest residential property management company in the Bay Area. Pegasus manages rental properties for absentee owners, manages homeowner’s associations, and manages condominiums for hundreds of owners.  We also manage a small amount of commercial property.  Our success can be attributed to my active listening skills and mediating capabilities.  I am able to negotiate in a positive manner, and handle problem resolution activities proactively, ensuring positive outcomes. I am committed to employ diplomacy and to ward off adversity in difficult situations between tenants, property owners, and employees.


Six years ago when Monica was working to get Council to change some animal shelter ordinances I started attending the City Council meetings to support her efforts.  Once the ordinances were changed she stopped regularly attending the Council meetings.  I, however, continued attending, and became more and more interested in the workings of our City government.  Understanding the Capital Improvements needs and the budgeted infrastructure needs like water/sewer/public safety, and how to provide for them as League City doubles in size, was challenging and interesting. 
I have attended almost all Council meetings, Council Workshops, and Council Budget meetings since then.  The agenda and detail sheets are posted to the City website on Friday.  Typically there is a Council Workshop Monday night and then the Council meeting is Tuesday.  The agenda and detail sheets can take anywhere from 2-4 hours to review as they can contain as much as 600 pages of material.  Each election cycle, concerned citizens would ask me, "why don’t you run for Council”?  I deferred at that time because I knew I could attend the meeting as a citizen without reading the materials, but it would be a dereliction of my commitment to the citizens I represented, if I hadn't taken the time to read and study the packet.  In January of this year I promoted an employee to manage Pegasus Property  Management.  Now that I am semi-retired I can commit the time necessary to be an effective City Councilman.  
  • I am not tied to anyone currently on Council and see lots of opportunity.
  • I am a fiscal conservative and believe debt MUST be used judiciously.  When we delay needed basic infrastructure projects they become more expensive.  The current City Council cut a third from the Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) in the name of "reducing debt”.  This will now cost the citizens more money while the project remains unfinished.  I’m talking about needed investments in our roads, water, and sewer infrastructure.  This would be like not repairing a damaged roof at your home until that minor leak has caused extensive interior damage.  Council must analyze whether or not it is prudent to make the infrastructure improvements now even if it means borrowing or wait until the project cost is much higher.  Many of these projects are needed because of the growth in our city and they should be paid for by the increased tax base the growth brings.  I don’t advocate borrowing for frivolous unnecessary items but the city must provide the basic infrastructure and security for our citizens.
  • I believe the City should provide the basic services public safety, fire protection, water, sewer, mobility, and not be in the development business of buying properties with tax payer’s dollars.
  • I believe developers and large businesses are "turned off” by the petty actions of our current City Council and are reluctant to enter the fray with their investment dollars.  We are a community of families and I don’t want League City to become industrialized.  YES, we need economic development but away from our residential areas.  We have an opportunity to capitalize on the economic potential of the new roads like the Grand Parkway.  We must act now.  82% of our city budget comes from property taxes.  That is a heavy burden for our citizens to carry.   
  • My business success is based on creating "win-win” situations.  Council patted themselves on their backs as they say they reduced our property taxes.  The average homeowner experienced a $20-$40 annual tax savings. Then they turned around and "picked our pockets” with a huge increase in our water bills.  For most people the water increase was much higher than the tax rate decrease.  That wasn’t really made public.
    • Presently the City Council is trying to take land (for a water line) from First Methodist church without paying them for the land.   Admittedly the "subdivision rules” might allow this.  But just because you can do something doesn’t make it the right thing to do.   This is the sort of "shenanigans" that discourages developers from wanting to come into our city. (NOTE: As of the council meeting on 9/13/16 council has agreed to re-open negotiations with the church, to provide a fair value for their property)
To recap, I bring exceptional listening and mediating capabilities, and excellent relationship building skills, targeted at creating teamwork, to ensure a positive outcome for our City.
I would appreciate your vote tomorrow.

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